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About Me

I am a writer, librarian, and occasional poet from the Greater New York Area. Currently, I spend my time as an academic, electronic resources librarian for an institute of higher education, as well as a spouse, parent, and all around regular individual attempting to navigate my way through this world (no easy task, as I'm sure you know).One of my biggest loves is writing. I love writing fantasy, science fiction, contemporary (sometimes paranormal) romance, and horror. Currently I'm working on a number of different works, and I can't wait to bring them to you all!

In general, I enjoy reading pretty much anything, though especially science fiction and supernatural adventures, and comfy romance novels. I'm also both a console and tabletop gamer, a frequent member of the #WritingCommunity on BlueSky and Instagram, a consummate introvert, and a nonbinary, genderfluid delight. I'm pronoun neutral, so anything goes, but she/they are what I hear the most.

Books - Traditional Fantasy

Sands of Theia fantasy series

The Roots that Clutch (2020)

Theia is an unforgiving world, one of sand and heat. There are no rains, and what water there is trickles from dying springs and wells. Those who control the waters control all. They are the god-kings. These tyrants of the last remaining city-states have shackled their subjects and depleted world, enslaving all by the might of their false divinity. Above all, they control thaûma—Theia’s magic.For anyone on the desert planet unfortunate enough to possess the ability to wield thaûma—called thaumaturges—only indoctrination and servitude await them at the hands of the god-kings.This is Tirzah's curse. Tortured by a sadistic older sister and kept locked from sight by her sycophant father, Tirzah’s life is one of shame and cruelty. Even the awakening of her thaûma brings her no respite, as she is soon “gifted” to the God-King Hovilan as his newest bride. But when her new mentor Bariah, a member of the insurgent thaumaturge order known as the Shadow Collective, comes to her rescue, Tirzah finds a new life among the outcasts of Theia’s wastelands.Yet the deserts are no place to hide, and before long Tirzah’s old life, and the brutal realities of her world, poise to shatter her fragile freedom, and drag her back into the shadows of the god-kings themselves.

Under Stone and Shadow (2021)

Two months have passed since God-King Hovilan nearly tore Siddam apart trying to purge it of rogue thaumaturgy. Tirzah is once again traversing the wastes of Theia. Free from the gaze of the god-kings, she finds a place for herself among the denizens of the Aru Si caravan. Still considered an outcast, she has at least found some solace and safety among their numbers.Though the wastes are almost entirely devoid of life, they are not devoid of their secrets. Confronted by the horrors of the desert, Tirzah and her companions are forced underground. There, they find remnants of a past the god-kings have long sought to obliterate from Theia’s history. Armed with this knowledge and escaping the depths of Theia, they must seek refuge in the city of Kahral, where the ruling god-king’s profane intentions threaten the lives of all of the city’s inhabitants.

No Light from the Fires

What was once thought impossible has come to pass.In the wake of Tieran’s failed ascension, Tirzah, Green, and the rest of their companions are ready to put the nightmare of Kahral behind them. As the new co-leader of the Aru Si, Tirzah sets a path for the caravan to cross the deserts of Theia once again. This time, the thaumaturge has something she’s never had before: credible information that could lead to a long-awaited reunion with her eldest sister, Naomi.But the dangers of the waste are plentiful. Even if the Aru Si can survive the tribulations of the desert, Urizen–where Naomi was last seen–is a challenge unto itself. Word has escaped the city of God-King Bala-Rahzel’s erratic behavior, pitting the nobles against one another for her amusement. The Shadow Collective also lurks in the dark recesses of Urizen, carrying out their own agenda.Despite all of this, the secrets of Theia’s forgotten past, locked within the God-King’s volatile city, may prove the greatest trial of them all.

Books - Pirate Fantasy

The Elysium Proposal (novella)

Kyle Talos, adventurer, privateer, and captain of The Stargazer, wanted to have the perfect romantic evening with the love of her life. Good food, better wine, and then maybe, just maybe, a marriage proposal.Except nothing ever goes as planned.Instead, she received a nighttime chase across rooftops, her ship commandeered, and threats that forced her into sailing herself, her not-yet-fiancé, and the invading enemy towards certain doom. All of this in pursuit of the myth of a spring that could grant eternal life. This otherworldly prize was rumored to be located on the Elysium Cove, a small island far out to sea.An island surrounded by storms so powerful that no vessel has sailed in and returned to tell the tale. More than one fool has tried. None of them survived.Kyle must now keep herself and those she loves safe, but will she be able to change course before the relentless search for eternal life leads them all to their deaths?

Books - Modern Fantasy

Where We Converge

Darius Adair just wants to live in peace. He wakes up, goes to work, does his job, and comes home to a quiet studio apartment in Chicago. As a mage working to protect the magical and the mundane alike, it's as normal a life as he can have. After everything he’s been through, he deserves that much.A call in the dead of night shatters that illusion.Morgan Slavin can’t recall much. His memories are fractured, and his body feels like a thousand bits of broken glass. He only knows one thing: Time travel sucks. After completing a ritual that forced him through the timeline, his mind, body, and magic are twisted and broken. Beyond the pain and mental anguish, there's little he can reach for. He is desperate to find an anchor in this storm. After all, he came back in time to stop...what? Why had he returned?Sent by the late-night call to find the broken Morgan, Darius now must help him find out what he's come back to stop, and soon. If that wasn’t challenging enough, the longer they’re together, the more Darius feels himself drawn to Morgan, and the more willing he is to open old wounds that nearly destroyed him in the past.

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