A.E. Bross

Addy Elsewhere: Indie Author, Book Reviewer, & Academic Librarian


A.E. Bross (Addy to some, Adrienne to others) is a writer, librarian, and occasional poet from the Greater New York Area. Currently, she spends her time as an academic, electronic resources librarian for an institute of higher education, as well as a spouse, parent, and all around regular individual attempting to navigate her way through this world (no easy task, as I'm sure you know).


She enjoys writing fantasy and horror, though her current work focuses much more on fantasy. She is in the middle of writing the Sands of Theia books, a five novel series set in the desert world of Theia, revolving around Tirzah, a young mage forced into many a difficult situation that she and her close-knit group will have to survive long enough to get through. She is self-publishing this series under the author name A.E. Bross, and the first installment is due out Summer 2020.


In general, Addy enjoys reading pretty much anything, though especially science fiction and supernatural adventures, and when stress is high, comfy romance novels. She is both a console and tabletop gamer, a frequent member of the #WritingCommunity on Twitter, a consummate introvert, and a nonbinary, genderfluid delight. Adrienne is pronoun neutral.