A.E. Bross

Addy Elsewhere: Indie Author, Book Reviewer, & Academic Librarian

"​I first fell in love with stories through reading. As a young child, my  mother read me tales of fantasy and adventure, and from there I branched out into horror, science fiction, literature, and so much more. I was a voracious reader, and at the age of eleven, I began being an obsessive writer. My first story? A rather dark fantasy short story named, 'War of the Magics', where all of the characters were named after my classmates. I actually read this in front of the entire class.


What I wouldn't give for an ounce of that sort of courage now!


Since then, I have continued to write. My favorite genres to write are horror and fantasy, though I may be branching out into science fiction in the coming years. I've been reading more of it, and it has piqued my interest. I also write some poetry, and occasionally contribute to some online gaming and social issue-related media outlets."


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Theia is an unforgiving world, one of sand and heat. There are no rains, and what water there is trickles from dying springs and wells. Those who control the waters control all. They are the god-kings. Above all, they control thaûma—Theia's magic.


For anyone who has the ability to wield thaûma—thaumaturges—only indoctrination and servitude await them as the hands of the god-kings.


This is Tirzah's curse. The awakening of her thaûma brings her only pain. When she manages to narrowly escape those that would bind her, Tirzah finds a quiet life among the outcasts of Theia's wastelands. But how long can such a life last?


Release Date: August 4, 2020


Goodreads: The Roots that Clutch

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Paperback edition of The Roots that Clutch will be available on Amazon.com beginning August 4, 2020. Still looking into ways to make signed copies available. Thank you so much!